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Here it is!
This is an example of a blockquote using a Google handwriting font.

If you're a new visitor to this website, please know that the goal is to demonstrate what is possible in design and function for the large array of mobile devices and monitors. The site also serves as my 'testing lab' for page layout and custom functions... so please bear with the placeholder text, coffee references, 'notes-to-self' and, depending when you visit, the occasional unpleasant error code! ~ Donna Marceau

Magazine Style Page

Red Mug of Coffee with Cream


Page Design – Red, Beautiful and functional on phones and tablets!

LEFT The large headline content is hard-coded in the custom template file. It calls the contemporary font headline style, ‘Julius Sans One’, as well as the casual handwriting font ‘Caveat’, from Google fonts.

This way, every device displays the same design but is artfully reformatted to each device’s proportions. Fonts are no longer limited to those few available on personal desktops or devicestype design for the web has been taken to new heights!

Styling code can make a rectangular image appear oval and responsive to mobile device formats.

A perfectly square image… 

White Mug of Coffee with Cream

…becomes perfectly round.
White Mug of Coffee with Cream
The content for this section was entered in the page via the WordPress admin panel. The custom designed page template ~Magazine Style~ was selected from the template drop-down options for the page.
CUSTOM TEMPLATE: page-magazine_style

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Red Mug Coffee With Cream

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White Mug Black Coffee

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Green Mug Coffee With Cream

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